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Clients can easily gain the advantage of generating maximum value for their organisation by ensuring that the appropriate calibre of interim is chosen for their project or assignment. 

A word of warning - this is not a time for false economy.  

Remember, if you do what you've always done then you'll get what you've always got.  It can be counter-productive to choose an interim from a similar job in a similar background.  Logically, they will do what they've always done and it will be much more difficult for them to look objectively at your organisation with the fresh pair of strategically targeted eyes that you deserve. 

To ensure that your project adds maximum value - often beyond expectations - and for your Interim to be truly effective and produce optimum results, follow these simple guidelines to get the correct calibre of Interim. 

What level will the person be working at?   Junior, lower to middle management or senior management / Director level? 

If Junior, you need a temp or junior interim. 

Will the interim manager/Director be working to a job description such as during maternity cover or in-between permanent appointments? 

If yes, you need an interim manager/Director. We can help you source a suitable person.

Do you need an interim manager, Director, friendly Dragon or CEO and the expertise to undertake a project such as a turnaround, rescue, increasing profits, decreasing costs, improving performance or resolving critical issues?  

If yes, you need an experienced executive interim who can hit the ground running to achieve all your objectives within the required timescale. From our Clients' experience, the benefit to the organisation is felt within minutes, not days or weeks.

Let Solutions for Management help.              
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