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The process is simple and pain-free. Solutions for Management consultants are extremely approachable, straight talking and easy to relate to. We don't believe in confusing you with management jargon (unless that is your preference!) and we ensure that all our dealings with you are down to earth.

We believe that in order to achieve optimum results for your company it is important to work on a project / assignment basis within your organisation, working one-to-one with our clients. It is only by getting to know you, your needs, your staff and your organisation in depth that we can produce the rapid results you require and provide the value that you seek from the project. We don't just tell you what you have to do to achieve your needs and walk away, we work within your organisation and do it for you.   

Your initial enquiry will be followed up within 24 hours by an informal telephone conversation. If appropriate, a confidential meeting will be arranged at a convenient location, during which you are free to discuss any matters of concern which may then form the initial brief. 

Reporting procedures and progress meetings during the assignment will be as appropriate to the assignment and to your specifications and requirements. The assignment will conclude with a confidential final report.